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What can we expect at MEPC 76: The IMO's Marine Environment Protection Committee?

London Virtual: June 10-17 2021: Here's what will be relevant to the Arctic:

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Has the Shipping Industry and IMO Simply Given Up on Climate Action?

In a serious blow to the Arctic and the fight to stop global heating, the UN’s International Maritime Organisation (IMO), responsible for regulating international shipping, has firmly rejected the pleas of all of those crying out for ambitious climate action.

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MEPC 76: International Shipping Body Drops the Ball on Arctic Climate Crisis

Civil society groups have lambasted the International Maritime Organization (IMO) for failing to take action on the Arctic climate crisis, after plans to reduce black carbon emissions from shipping in the Arctic were bumped off the agenda of its Marine Environment Protection Committee meeting (MEPC 76), which ended today.

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Arctic Voices Demand Global Action to Protect Arctic From Impacts of Shipping Emissions

As a meeting of the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) Marine Environment Protection Committee opens today (MEPC 76), IMO member states were called on to take urgent and immediate action to protect the Arctic from the impacts of shipping emissions and pollution.

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Video: World Ocean Day Webinar, The Arctic Ocean – the Canary in the Coal Mine?

An online event to mark World Ocean Day and, ahead of the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) 76th session of the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) meeting (June 10-17). Check out the video below.

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How the IMO and Shipping Industry Can Halve Climate Warming Black Carbon in the Arctic

Climate change is having a more rapid impact in the Arctic than anywhere else right now – the recent cold weather that blanketed North America and Europe, and caused chaos in places like Texas, has been linked to the consequences of a warming Arctic. What happens in the Arctic doesn’t stay in the Arctic – changes taking place in the north will have repercussions further south. Continue reading…

How Black Carbon Emissions from Shipping Impact The Arctic

A series of six infographics highlighting the problem and threats posed by black carbon from emissions from shipping, with emphasis on the Arctic. Find out why the effects of black carbon (BC) have more in the Arctic, the health implications for communities, why black carbon is increasing, and what actions are available to reduce BC emissions from shipping. Continue reading…

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Has the Shipping Industry and IMO Simply Given Up on Climate Action?

Time is running out for the IMO to take climate action. While waiting for it to come to its senses, ambitious states should put aside any squeamishness about national and regional action that targets foreign ships and start designing measures that can be applied to all ships visiting their ports

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Guide to the International Maritime Organization

Survival Guide:

Pacific Environment’s Guide to IMO is a resource for anyone looking to get a crash course in what the International Maritime Organization (IMO) is and how it operates. In the guide, you will find descriptions of committees and sub-committees, section by section summaries of key IMO instruments (like the Polar Code), a list of every participating non-governmental organization with links to their websites, a glossary of common acronyms and terms, and much more. Download here.

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HFO Free Arctic

The Clean Arctic Alliance is working for a ban on heavy fuel oil from Arctic shipping